Aurora Test

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Going To See The Wailers, Fear & Loathing Style!

Bill is one of those hippies that looks the part: his hair looks unwashed and his beard seems big enough to be housing a family of sparrows, and I swear I once saw a hummingbird fly out of his beard too. well ok, I won’t swear on it because it is a lie, but it makes for a great story. Bill is skinny and extremely tanned. he spends all day lying in his hammock, drinking beer. sometimes he’s got a bit of a bad drink, but he is usually quite harmless.

I say usually because there was this one time where he came home to his hammock on one of those rare days that he actually did leave it to do some shopping, only to find that the space where his hammock (and that of a friend) was hanging, had been invaded by a bunch of tourists from the south of Europe. they had, without asking, rehung his hammock and put 5 more hammocks in so they could stay together. this means that there were now 7 hammocks hanging where there is only place for 4, unless you like to spoon a stranger in a different hammock. needless to say that Bill, slightly inebriated at the time, was rather upset. the Europeans though didn’t really care and were mocking him from their own hammock, teasing Bill to a boil.

this being the straw that broke the camel’s back (or if you’d rather hear: the drop that overflowed the bucket) made Bill grab behind the pole of this palapa revealing his machete. and as a bearded madman he stormed at the guy in the hammock and with two big movements chopped his hammock down. floored the poor (also drunk) European. anyway, longer story a bit shorter, Bill got expelled from the site, but he is not a bad guy at heart, just a little bit loopy.

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The Door


today, just when I opened a door and rushed in, this girl came the other way from the other side of the door. I startled her with the sudden door movement and she let out a small panic scream. to comfort her and the moment, I said: “don’t get scared, it’s only me”. she tilted her head slightly, smiled and said: “hello me”. she walked on and we passed each other in the doorway.

a couple of minutes later it felt like the most sexy thing anybody had ever said to me.

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No Fridge

- no fridge? whahahaha! I can’t believe you have no fridge!!!
- could you please just watch the road?
- damn I hate this rain, I had an umbrella, I think I lost it.
- the red umbrella you just had in your hand? no, you put it in the right bag…
- let me just…. [reaches backwards to fish for the umbrella]
- Look out!!!! please keep both hands on the handlebars…
- no fridge… phwah! I hate this rain, I wish I had an umbrella…

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Why I Still Can’t Watch ‘500 Days Of Summer’

(500) Days Of Summer, ever seen it? well, I met her once. my Summer.
three years ago.it was by chance, and I didn’t mean it to happen, but it did. I met this girl while travelling, and at first I just thought she was much like the characters that I liked that are usually played by Zooey Deschannel, and I always hoped that I would meet a girl like that. I spent a week with her as friends and really enjoyed that, but it was clear to me that there was something more.

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